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Completed by: on: Sunday, 05 Apr 2020

Your core values are the underlying principles by which you live your life. They are what make you who you are (your core) and they do not tend to change over time. When you live according to your core values you find that life is easy, you’re happier, less stressed because you are focusing on the values that are important to you.

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If we are living in conflict with our core values we become stressed, unhappy, dissatisfied and frustrated with who we are and what we’re doing.

Select 10 of the values below that reflect what is important to you in your life. Once you have selected 10 options you can click and drag them to order them. (Top being most important to you).

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Prioritise each of the values below as they apply to you. Use a number to say whether they are:-
1. Important, 2. Neutral, or 3, Not important

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Abundance Fitness Patience
Acceptance Freedom Peace
Accuracy Friendship Personal Power
Achievement Fun Potential
Adventure Growth Power
Aesthetics Happiness Quality
Ambition Harmony Recognition
Authenticity Health Relationships
Autonomy Honesty Resilience
Beauty Honour Respect
Balance Hope Results
Challenge Humility Risk-taking
Charity Humour Romance
Children Independence Safety
Collaboration Inner harmony Security
Commitment Integrity Self-expression
Compassion Intimacy Self-worth
Connection Joy Sensuality
Contribution Justice Service
Creativity Kindness Sincerity
Dignity Leadership Simplicity
Directness Learning Spirituality
Elegance Location Success
Empowerment Love Tradition
Encourage Loyalty Tranquillity
Enjoyment Mastery Travel
Equality Nature Trust
Excellence Nobility Truth
Excitement Nurturing Understanding
Expertness Obedience Victory
Fairness Orderliness Vitality
Faith Partnership Wealth
Family Passion Wellness
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Inspired by Clare Evans Business Time Management Coach http://www.clareevans.co.uk

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Your Top 10

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    These are your core values

    Keep these in mind when setting your goals and making decisions by asking yourself the following question:

    Is this decision aligned with my core values?

    When you are working with someone over a long period of time it is important that you share compatible values.

    Hopefully if you do this exercise with your partner you will find a reasonable amount of overlap and congruity.

    Are your core values compatible with the values of your financial planner?

    Alan Moran's top ten values are: Integrity, Compassion, Respect, Contribution, Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Loyalty, Sincerity, Equality

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